Exeter Eagles
Field Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations must be followed by all fliers and guests.
There are significant repercussions if problems arise from not adhering to these simple rules.
It was voted upon and carried that members will be asked to leave the club if they fly in the no-fly zone after 1 and only 1 warning.  In addition to the AMA’s Safety Code, the Exeter Eagles have adopted the following Field Rules and Regulations:

1. Flying Hours. Daily, 8AM for helicopters and electrics until dusk. 9AM for gas and glow aircraft until dusk.

2. Jet Turbine airplanes are not permitted to fly due to the proximity of Rt. 100 to the east and neighboring houses to the west.
Turbine powered helicopters are permitted but pilots must possess a turbine waiver for helicopters and a copy of the waiver
    must be on file with the club.

3. No-Fly Zones. No flying behind the extended flight line. No flying over Rt. 100 (east). No flying over any buildings, occupied parking or other areas. All members have been asked to police this effort and violations will be reported to the club officers.

4. Noise Control. Excessively loud models are not permitted. All engines, regardless of size or type of fuel, etc must have a muffler attached to minimize noise output.......no exceptions to this rule....... If necessary, we will monitor noise levels so they are kept to a minimum. Please use a muffler and common sense in this matter otherwise we are risking the use of the field and the privilege of flying. Accumulating more than two warnings will result in loss of membership, the notification of which will be sent by the safety officer.  96 Decibels at 20 feet is our limit.

5. Fuel Care. To avoid contaminating soil and ground water you must use an overflow "catch can” when fueling aircraft.

6. Parking. Parking for club members, club guests, and visitors is behind the safety fence extending east and west. Overflow may use the Center's parking areas.

7. The Padre Pio Center. No driving or parking on any of the Center's groomed/landscaped areas. No Parking on any of the Center's roads or access ways.